It’s About Future

We all agree it’s our responsibility to hand over a better world to our children. By that, we mean not only our own children, but all children, born as well as unborn. That is what sustainability is all about.

Most people try to contribute in various ways to reducing our environmental footprint. For most of us, one obvious way is by sorting and recycling our waste. But unfortunately we are not good at it, about 2/3 of the residual waste, the waste that remains after we have sorted out recycling fractions, are poorly sorted or not sorted at all, stuff that could have been sorted and left to recycling instead.

To many, recycling is a tricky and sticky job. It takes a lot of time and commitment to sort and keep garbage in the kitchen, then carry it out and empty it, before cleaning both hands and recycling containers.

We make recycling easier, quicker and more hygienic. And a lot more stylish. In short, a more positive experience to people. And by that I'm convinced we will get people to both recycle more and to do it better, with more quality. That is what GreenLizzie® is all about.

Olov Mattsson, CEO