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Basic + Expansion Set forms together a Recyclers Set. Great if you have bought a Basic Set and later on feel you want to increase your recycling with a Recyclers Set.

An Expansion Set contains

2 of Green Lizzie's patented receptacles with inner container for push emptying (PEM) and with handles and waste compressing lids.
1 receptacles with solid removable leakage collector bottoms (RBM) and with handles and waste compressing lids.
3 of Green Lizzie's patented mountable Hooking Systems allowing you to carry many containers in one hand.
1 minimizer to minimize the volume of plastic packages.
Depth: 18.2 cm with lid, without 17.3 cm, (Push 'n Empty 17.7 cm)
Width: 27.5 cm with handle
Height: 36 cm with lid
Weight: 0.9 kg (Push 'n Empty1.3 kg)
Volume: 11 liters (Push 'n Empty 10 liters))

Made in bioplastic based on renewable pure wood waste from Swedish forests.

Soft plastic is made of recoverable thermoplastic.

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