Hello, my name is Olov Mattsson and Green Lizzie is my company. I've worked with waste management and recycling most of my career, as entrepreneur and consultant to municipalities in Sweden and abroud. However, I am not allone in this.

Peter is my good friend since many years. He helps me with all procuction matters since that is both his interrest and line of business since long time back. Leif another good friend of mine, has helped me specificly with questions about plastics and how to manufacture things out of it. It happends he is one of the most experienced experts in polymers- and tools technology in Sweden. He has also worked as technical director in one of Sweden's largest plastic manufacturing companies.

Peter Nilsson

Peter Nilsson

Leif Pettersson

I started Green Lizzie to develop and manufacture logistical and technical products within recycling and waste management. This series of waste sorting bins that we call GreenLizzie is our first product. It has a range of completely unique features that differs it from all other waste bins on the market. The patented Push 'n Empty method and the hook system which allows you to carry multiple bins in one hand are probably, beside the its striking appearance (thanks to Katy, see the designs page), the things you first notice. The bins themselves are made of bioplastic based on pure biological forest waste from Swedish forests. It is also unique because it is the first time that a so-called thin-walled product can be manufactured from bioplastic based on our own Swedish forest – yes, as far as we know, from forest at all.

To many, waste sorting and recycling is quite a messy and messy task. It takes time, space and commitment to sort and store our rubbish in the kitchen, then carry away with all the fractions and empty them, before we hopefully get down to cleaning smelly hands and flushing recycling bins.

We are convinced that we can get people to recycle more and do it better by making recycling easier, faster and more hygienic. And much more stylish! In short, a more positive experience. That's what GreenLizzie® is all about.


Green Lizzie is a small green lizard living in the Amazonian rain forests. Its and others living creatures well-being depends on our ability to act responsible towards nature and take good care of our limited resources - TODAY.