Perfect for food waste

GreenLizzie is designed to work optimally for food waste with the ventilation holes in the containers, the grid for food waste bags in paper and the bottom plates for the RBM containers which also are leakage protection.

When food waste is aerated, it dries out and as a result, the problem of bad odor that otherwise occurs when food waste is stored at room temperature is reduced. The dehydration also reduces the risk of leakage of foul-smelling so-called leachate.

The grid is included if you buy a Recyclers or a Basic sets. If your municipality don’t want you to use these kinds of non-tight bag you can simply skip the use of the grid.

Should the paper bag eventually have leaked* the leakage collector bottom is developed to catch leakage before it ends up in the cabinet or on the floor. Grasp the bottom plate in the grip and carefully lift it out of the bottom and empty it into the sink.

*Leakage is usually due to too wet food waste being placed in the paper bag without letting it drain a bit before. It is also good not to let the bag get more than 2/3 full and not to change the bag less often than every other day.