Get space with more waste

Anyone who is good at recycling their everyday waste collects a lot of it in their source sorting containers. GreenLizzie are designed so that the waste can fit in your containers without you having to take them to the collection site too often.

The lid is carefully designed to snap well onto the outer container when pressed with a light pressure. The lid is then on even if the container is slightly overfilled. In other words, you get space with more waste than you would otherwise get. Moreover the lid will not easily blow off under transport.


The Minimizer is used to reduce the otherwise very voluminous plastic package waste . It fits into the frame of a PEM receptacle. Start by getting a plastic bag, preferably a used bag which you would otherwise have thrown away, clamp the bag between the lower and upper frame of the minimizer and place the minimizer on top of the frame to the inner container. Squeez and press the plastic garbage, even hard packages if possible, through the frame of the minimizer to the bottom of the bag.


When the bag is full losen it and start on a new one. You will experience that the receptacle now store more plastic garbage and as a consequens you don’t need to empty your receptacle for plastic garbage quit so often. Included if you buy a Recyclers or an Expansion set.