Olov Mattsson

This is about recycling. I’ve been working with recycling-matters all my professional life, both as entrepreneur and consultant to governements and municipalities. I’m also the inventor and founder of this project. My educational background is industrial and management engineering in which I have a master of science.

Katy Ho

Katy has worked with the design of our recycling containers and also the one who has given them their very own special expression. Her ordinary work is as designer of medical equipment. She has a master of science in design engineering from Ingvar Kamprad Design Center in Lund.

Leif Pettersson

Leif with his extensive knowledge, experience and network of tools producers is the one who has ensured that our containers can be manufactured in good quality with effective tools. He is one of the most experienced experts in plastics and tools engineering here in Sweden. He has worked as technical executive officer in one of the biggest plastic manufacturing companies in Sweden.