Many garbage fractions to accommodate, carry away and recycle ?

– we have a solution to make it easier, quicker, cleaner — and much more stylish

Our patented hooking system above let you carry many containers in one hand. Practical when many sorted garbage fractions needs to be carried and transported to the collection point.

The container is designed to make it possible to empty even into small vertically oriented openings without having to come in contact with the garbage

… works as well for emptying in bins

The carrier for papers and flyers with stable handles below is designed for carrying and emptying heavy paper stacks.

The holder for batteries and light bulbs below is designed to be emptied into very small openings which often is the case with this kind of waste. It fits in the collar on the multipurpose container.

The multipurpose container is easily customized with accessories to the kind of garbage it is intended.

With the rail you can hang the container on a vertical surface e.g. the inside of a cabinet door (below).

Below the multipurpose container customized with a bottom grid for continual ventilation (left), good if you have food waste in paper bags. Dense bottom (middle) for e.g. residual waste in plastic bags or bottles and cans. Inner-container (right) suitable for e.g. packages of paper, plastic and metal.

With collar and snaps it is easy to mount the innercontainer to the multipurpose container.

Designed to fit into cabinets with c-c 40, 60 and 80 centimeters standards, other dimensions below are in millimeters.


The production is planned to take place in Sweden in eco friendly plastic made out of spills from the Swedish forest. The soft inner container is made of elastic thermoplastic.

As the forest grows, it absorbs the climate gas carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. When Green Lizzie is produced, the carbon dioxide is thus bound into the product and can be retained there as long as it is not destroyed by combustion.

All material is renewable and can be recycled into new products. As long as the chain of recycling is maintained the carbon dioxide will be kept in the product and not be spread out in the atmosphere again.

Intellectual Property Rights

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