The design work behind this new type of recycling containers has been focussed on the users needs and experiences of recycling. As a consequence has more than 700 people been interviewed during different stages of the development process. In the beginning to SEE the user and his or her needs. Then to see that we were on the right track, and finally to get confirmation that we had understood the user right.

The result is a line of recycling containers that is meant to make everyday recycling easier, quicker and more hygienic. It also take a clear stand for sustainability and recycling. Everyone who sees them out in the streets can also see the message on each side:

The normal when it comes to design of products that are for garbage seems to be to hide away and make them as invisible as possible.

Our aim has been the opposite, to make them very visible by giving them a design expression that can stand out and be displayed for the world: “-this is about garbage and we take good care of it”. Have we succeed?

– its own expression

– designed for recycling

– every detail a thought