Most households* think it’s important we all take part in sorting and recycling and not just throw everything away. But still about 2/3 of the residual waste are poorly sorted or not sorted at all, stuff that could have been sorted and left to recycling instead. Why do you think it is like that?

Too many sorting and recycling is a cluttered and messy job – to have it fit into the kitchen furniture – to carry it out – to transport away – and to empty without getting sticky.

We have a solution

We have developed a line of recycling containers with a different thinking. Containers that make it easier quicker and cleaner to take part in sorting and recycling.

We call them Green Lizzie®.

What is then different ? Watch the 2 minute video below.

Green Lizzie works for households where waste is sorted and deposited for recycling at collecion points, e.g. bins and containers in your grounds, in the garbage collection room, at the recycling station or on pavements etc.

To buy

Green Lizzie® are not on sale yet. They will be sold piecewise and in sets. Two sets will be available from start. The Recyclers Set is a complete set to cover garbage that occurs in the kitchen and which can be sorted out and left for recycling in most EU-countries. The smaller Basic Set is also for you who recycle but maybe not in so many fractions or have very little space. The Basic Set is planned to be sold on this site for ca 500 SEK / 50 EURO and the Recyclers Set for 950 SEK / 95 EURO, vat included.

* surveys of attitudes of Swedish households 2015