Most households* think it’s important we all take part in sorting and recycling and not just throw everything away. But still about 2/3 of the residual waste are poorly sorted or not sorted at all, stuff that could have been sorted and left to recycling instead. Why do you think it is like that?

Too many sorting and recycling is a cluttered and messy job – to have it fit into the kitchen furniture – to carry it out – to transport away – and to empty without getting sticky.

We have a solution

We have developed a line of recycling containers with a different thinking. Containers that make it easier quicker and cleaner to take part in sorting and recycling.

We call them Green Lizzie®.

What is then different ? Watch the 2 minute video below.

Green Lizzie works for households where waste is sorted and deposited for recycling at collecion points, e.g. bins and containers in your grounds, in the garbage collection room, at the recycling station or on pavements etc.

* surveys of attitudes of Swedish households 2015

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  1. “Interesting products that help to simplify source sorting at home”

    • Haj, kul du tycker det 🙂
      Stora behållaren 185 x 404 x 372 (b x l x h), den mindre (M – behållaren) 185 x 282 x 372.
      Du kan koppla ihop dem, 2 har då bredden 358, 3 hopkopplade 531, 4 kopplade 704. Du kan se en bild under fliken Features.

    • Hej Malin,
      Det är inte klart än. Snart hoppas jag kunna tala om hur du beställer dem.
      /Olov Mattsson

  2. En smart produkt! Har jobbat med källsortering i många år och greenlizzie fyller faktiskt en funktion som idag saknas på marknaden (mig veterligen). Ställer mig i kön och hoppas på en snar produktionsstart!


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